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Manuka honey features antibacterial strength shown in the following comparison.

Manuka Honey of different UMF or MGO index brings benefits to different health issues.

Manuka honey of various antibacterial indices such as UMF and MGO is not only good for health maintenance but also excellent for addressing chronic indigestion and skin issues. 


#1 Understand your needs



Manuka honey has been shown to be good for health maintenance and relieves various health issues. Its extensive range of medicinal properties makes it become a popular household item.  In case you are looking for Manuka honey for maintenance dose or immunity boost, those with lower antibacterial indices would definitely do (i.e. under UMF 10+); in case you seek some remedies for wound healing or chronic indigestion issues, you have to go for those Manuka honey of higher antibacterial activity, that is, with high indices (i.e. equal to or larger than UMF 10+ ).




#2 Understand antibacterial index


On the Manuka honey labels, you would see different English words in the short form followed by non-standardised numeric indicators. Customers always get confused when reading the label on the bottle of Manuka honey. In fact, they are easier than most people think. MGO, UMF, ULF and NPA are four globally recognised standards to indicate the antibacterial strength. Though they are different systems, they could be compared side by side as these four Indices are convertible. For example,  which one do you think has a higher antibacterial activity -  a Manuka honey labelled as MGO 400+ and a Manuka honey labelled as UMF10+? The answer is the Manuka honey MGO 400+ because when it is approximately equal to UMF 13+. For more details, refer to the conversion table in the bottom "Manuka Honey Strength Index Conversion Table". 




#3 Understand the brand


If you have chosen the Manuka honey with the antibacterial index according to your needs, the next step is to do some research on a brand before making a purchase. A more established Manuka honey brand is always credible than a newly launched Manuka honey brand. Besides, you could check whether the product or the beekeeping operation has been awarded an organic certification or other accreditations related to quality assurance. The scale of production is also a factor for consideration. Those with small production might be a new and inexperienced comer to the beekeeping industry. Those with a huge production might have to collect a massive quantity of honey from a large number of beekeepers to fulfil the market needs, which might affect the quality consistency. For example, Biosota® Organics started beekeeping in Australia in the 1950s and the brand has been officially established in 1999. It is still an operated family business. With its Australian certified organic accreditation, their Manuka honey becomes customers’ all-time favourite.

Manuka Honey Health Benefits

1. Health maintenance

2. Immunity boost

3. Antibacterial function

4. Super antibacterial function

Where to buy Manuka Honey?

One-stop honey expert store Honey + Wellness brings you the following well-selected Manuka Honey. 

Manuka Honey Antibacterial Strength Conversion Table

Manuka Honey brings much a stronger antibacterial effect than most of the other honey types. The antibacterial strength is tested according to various international standards such as UMF, MGO and ULF. The following table can be used for easier conversion. 


Manuka Honey is not good for everyone. 

Manuka is superior to other honey regarding health benefits but it's not for everyone. Three types of people should avoid having it. 

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How to consume Manuka Honey? 

The benefits of Manuka Honey could be gone if it's not consumed in the right ways. Here share with you some methods, and also what time in the day is best for having Manuka and what is the right portion to be taken.  >> Read more

What is the index shown on Manuka Honey? UMF? MGO? ULF? 

Here is a clear explanation to let you understand the index completely so that you could pick the right Manuka Honey for yourself. >> Read more

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